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Hi! I’m Evan Reitmeyer, CEO and Geek-in-Chief here at Sparkle SEO. I created this company to help small business owners solve a very specific, and very important, problem – keeping their business’ web presence up-to-date in a constantly-changing online world. Staying on top of the latest changes on the web is a full time job in itself, and it’s practically impossible to run and grow a small business while trying to be a cutting-edge online marketer and SEO expert at the same time. I understand this intimately as an entrepreneur and a small business owner myself, and I would absolutely love to talk to you about how I can help your business shine.

Technology moves so fast, it’s hard to know who to trust. So-called “SEO experts” often target small business owners for a quick buck using tricks that often get their clients banned, or techniques that become outdated or neutralized by search engines after a few short months. I’ve seen it time and time again over the last decade, and I set out to create something better for small business owners – a true partner in all things Internet.

After leaving my career in IT to start my own small business (MyDeejay) in 2002, I found that my skillset from the tech world helped me greatly in building and growing that business into an industry leader. In today’s information economy, knowledge is power, and it turns out that knowing a lot about SEO and web marketing comes in pretty handy as a small business owner. I realized quickly that my background in IT gave my business a huge advantage in the marketplace, and over the years I’ve helped dozens of friends and colleagues with their websites, SEO, and online marketing.

Fast forward to today, and at Sparkle SEO I’ve assembled a fabulous team of web ninjas to help me in my quest to help small business owners – graphic artists, web developers, SEO experts, copywriters, and coders – and built a small business that understands what it takes to help your small business succeed. Each of us works as part of a collaborative group, offering our individual expertise and talent to solve your web-based challenges with creativity as well as experience.

I’m interested in getting to know you and your business, to learn about your goals and your target customer base, and to offer smart, effective solutions that really work. I hope you’ll choose Sparkle SEO for your next project, big or small. I’m interested in building relationships and finding solutions for small business owners just like you – to learn more about Sparkle SEO, learn Why You Should Hire Us.

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